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VoIP CRM Integration: Everything you need to know

VoIP CRM Integration: Everything you need to know

What is a VOIP CRM Integration?

VoIP CRM Integration refers to the connectivity between a VoIP phone system and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Through the integration, all the information is automatically synced between the two tools. For Businesses, VoIP CRM Integration opens up a whole new world of communication.

Before we look further into the benefits and usage of integrating VoIP with CRM, let us get a better idea of the CRM software.

What is meant by CRM Software?

The CRM software is all about putting you in charge of your business. It helps you keep an eye on sales, leads, customer relations and so much more. Being cloud based, it does not require any expensive hardware or complex software upgrades. It is an easy to manage cloud based software that offers a wide array of features on a pay-and-use basis.

Why does one need VoIP CRM Integration?

Before the VoIP phone system when businesses were still stuck using the traditional phone systems, there was no way to link their phone calls and records with their customer history and purchase in order to get a more detailed customer database. Any missed customer calls or voicemail messages had to be manually linked to the customer information, leading to inefficiency in the workplace.

Integrating VoIP with CRM has led to automation of the process of linking call records to customer information. Calling clients and tracking down the call history of clients can now be done seamlessly with the click of a button.

Without the VoIP-CR integration, important customer details and information is prone to get lost or misplaced.

How a VoIP CRM Integration can benefit your business:

Effective Data Collection

With VoIP-CRM integration, data can be recorded from start to finish in an organized manner. This is more convenient for the sales representatives as the detailed information will help them tailor their pitch accordingly. The details are automatically synced between your CRM and VoIP phone system.

Real- Time Data Calling

Businesses gain valuable insights from every interaction with customers. Sales representatives, for instance, can locate what potential customers are looking for using the phone, resulting in more sales.

The integration also helps in tracking other aspects of the call like whether the call came from a landline or cell phone, and if it was a video or voice call. All of this information can be useful for getting insights from customers and improving the overall experience.

Better Customer Experience

With VoIP-CRM integration, sales and support can stay in touch with their customers in real-time. CRM integration directs sales and support to the incoming caller’s profile, so they can focus on talking to the customer, rather than searching for information on hold.

This saves them time and also allows them to focus on talking to the customers rather than searching for caller data.

VoIP integration with CRM allows support to see a customer’s past support tickets and troubleshooting history. This reduces customer wait times and increases customer satisfaction.

CRM Integration Offers Scalability

Businesses that experience huge growth in customers need a sophisticated phone system to handle increased call traffic. Hence, combining your CRM with your VoIP system will provide seamless scalability.

In addition, you do not have to worry about installing the new technology or overloading your employees.  Instead, you can use your existing system, integrated with the CRM to handle more phone calls.

Low Operating Costs

As a result of integrating VoIP with CRM, your operational costs are reduced significantly as you no longer need to purchase two different software packages. VoIP phone systems with native CRM integration will save you from having to purchase yet another piece of software.

Additionally, the VoIP phone system allows your employees to manage everything more efficiently. This increases productivity and reduces unproductive time.

SMS and Automation Services

SMS is another feature you can use with the VoIP-CRM integration. SMS allows you to have a better conversation rate with an operating rate of over 85%.

When you synchronize your VoIP phone system with CRM, you can access several features and functionalities such as:

  • Click to Text Icons: You can access the click-to-text icon with every contact. On a busy day, having a click-to-text button next to every contact can be a helpful shortcut
  • SMS Automation: You can use SMS automation to send text messages to your contacts whenever a condition is met. This way, you can send automated text messages as a part of the follow-up process.
  • Bulk SMS: If you want to get involved in SMS marketing, bulk SMS is a very impressive functionality of VoIP CRM integration.

Direct Calling with CRM

With VoIP integration, you can make direct calls from CRM. Also, you will be able to get rid of time-consuming tasks, which means sales and support have more time in hand to make more calls.

Clear Call Analytics

Integration also allows you to keep an eye on the call analytics, from where you can view your metrics and KPIs of outgoing and incoming calls. You can also keep a track of things as call diverts, time spent on calls, call received, and more.


VoIP CRM integration also benefits the marketing personals, as the businesses will be able to divide their customers into different segments through the CRM software and then reach these groups with different marketing campaigns.

Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Switching between platforms during initial engagement with customers to fish for data consumes critical time and bandwidth. No caller enjoys repeating the information they have shared or waiting for sales representatives to find the necessary files.

Telephony integration with CRM automatically logs all voice calls – inbound or outbound – irrespective of the device you use. You can then fetch the entire call transcript, as well as call notes and voicemails. You no longer need to waste time on data entry during or after the customer call. Instead, your sales reps can spend those valuable hours interacting with customers without any interruption.

Final thought, CRM and VoIP integration are now one of the most popular methods companies use to improve customer satisfaction. It can help your business get a leg-up on your competition by increasing customer relations and sales performance while reducing overhead expenses and increasing productivity at the same time.

The best part is that implementing this type of system can be done relatively quickly and easily, so you can start reaping the rewards right away without putting in a lot of time or effort. Once it’s up and running, you’ll wonder how you ever met customer needs without it.

For more information on how we can assist you with your VoIP CRM Integration, contact us today!