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Yealink Video Device Solutions for Microsoft Teams, Empowering Your Business.

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Yealink Video Device Solutions for Microsoft Teams, Empowering Your Business.

Forbtech is a proud partner of the highly renown Yealink brand. We tend to believe that workplaces today have been transformed. Due to the ongoing pandemic that the world is currently facing, the way people work has become more flexible and dynamic, thereby requiring the right technologies to improve business communications and collaborations.

In the modern workplace, organization employees tend to do communication and collaboration with video meetings.
A video meeting not only delivers instant collaboration and communication environment but fosters productivity and sometimes sparks innovations in a teamwork. Fully integrated with Microsoft teams and cover meeting rooms of all sizes, Yealink video device solutions come with full package devices offer including everything you need for a Microsoft Teams meeting. Easy to use with premium video and audio experience, the solutions are able to make the teamwork more efficient and collaborative across all meeting spaces

By working with Microsoft and being the 1st company to provide Teams certified desk phones for Microsoft Teams in the market, Yealink has created a complete range of device solutions that allows all types of professionals to work the way they love anytime, anywhere, while being able to conduct business as usual in a fast-paced world.

Yealink device solutions for Microsoft Teams include the MVC II series, the collaboration bar, conference phones, desk phones, speakerphones, and headsets that can be utilized in meeting rooms, in-the-office, and on-the-go.

All the devices bring a premium audio experience to users by featuring Optima HD Voice, Yealink Noise Proof Technology, and full duplex speakers. One-touch to join a meeting is provided, along with a premium video and audio experience. To ensure a consistent Teams-tailored user experience, products are Teams-tailored and designed with embedded AI technology, so all it takes is a single touch to activate Cortana for Teams.

Cortana is the voice assistance in the Teams mobile app, on Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, and on Microsoft Teams which display devices enables Microsoft 365 Enterprise users to streamline communication, collaboration, and meeting-related tasks using spoken natural language. We can provide you with these Yealink, devices at the right price point to meet your budget and needs.

Yealink Video Devices Solution for Microsoft Teams Covering from Huddle to Extra-large Meeting Spaces:

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