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Having a Good Cloud PBX System in your Business is Key

Having a Good Cloud PBX System in your Business is Key

In the increasingly competitive global economy we are facing nowadays, companies are making great efforts to outperform their competitors. Being more efficient in order to be more profitable is one of the key objectives and for this it is necessary to take all kinds of measures of greater or lesser significance in the functioning of companies, such as investment in cutting-edge business technologies or in the improvement of customer service.

How many times have you called a company looking for information and they haven’t picked up the phone because they were busy at the time? Most of the time we don’t think about it because we are more focused on productivity, but good customer service is something what really makes the difference between one business and another in the same sector of activity. Not answering customer calls -especially if those who call are potential customers interested in acquiring products or services offered by your company- can make your brand to strike the wrong note, and you can lose them in a matter of seconds.

A reliable Cloud PBX switchboard in your company allows you to enjoy the services of a conventional physical switchboard without much maintenance while getting great economic benefits for your company, because you don’t have to make a large investment in hardware and equipment. A Cloud PBX switchboard also improves the overall operation and communication between the different areas or delegations of a company.

What kind of services does a Cloud PBX switchboard offer?

A Cloud PBX switchboard brings together a good number of services, all of them managed through a simple control panel. VoIP switchboards usually include services such as virtual fax, CRM software, Corporate Contacts Management, Automatic Redialling, Call-Back Service and International Numbers to satisfy all the company’s offices abroad.

In addition, this type of switchboards are not only designed for use in offices or fixed devices but are easily integrated into mobile phones that are needed. This allows companies to enjoy greater flexibility while using highly advanced features that benefit their daily business and their organisation. VoIP calls offer services such as voicemail, call forwarding, call queues, conference calls, self-service and even fax to email. The aim is to achieve a 100% professional service at a much lower cost than companies would have to bear if these calls were made in the traditional way.

Cloud PBX advantages for your business

The use of the Cloud PBX switchboard is very important for companies in their objectives of improving their profitability and efficiency in an increasingly competitive environment. Using this tool is very beneficial for many reasons, but the most interesting are listed below:

Reduces costs in equipment

Cloud PBX switchboards don’t require to any complex installation that involves a high cost to the company. It is also not necessary to renew all the equipment used by employees, so the transformation can be carried out in a simple way and in a short time without altering the normal operation of the company.

Total mobility

To use a Cloud PBX switchboard you only need an internet connection, which allows its use anywhere in the world without any problem. Just connect the phone to the network and start using it normally. This is very useful for companies that want to open a new branch in another country or when they are moving their headquarters and even when they cannot be present in the office.

Fast and Easy Portability

One of the most interesting advantages of a Cloud PBX switchboard service is the ease with which the portability of telephone lines previously used by the company is carried out. The client only has to provide the provider with the telephone number of the line, the data of the owner and the operator to whom the number belongs and the portability is quickly processed.

Unparalleled Security

Cloud PBX phone solutions offer higher security compared to traditional PBX. When you have a physical landline, it’s up to you to ensure no one gains access to it. Many PBX systems are vulnerable to outside attacks, and audio signals they transmit are much easier to intercept.

Simply put: A cloud PBX lets you sleep at night. The backbone of your business communications is secure and resilient to bad actors.

High- Quality Calls

Cloud PBX is not only reliable, but also ensure every call is a quality call through the improved compression rates and high internet speeds. Many service providers will work off fibre optic lines, which means you’re guaranteed high-quality calls throughout the workplace.

Final Thought

Cloud Hosted PBX systems are cost-effective, efficient, and completely scalable and come with a host of other benefits as seen above. If your business needs a more affordable, flexible solution for communications, get in touch with our experts today!