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Streamlining Business Communication: Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems for Modern Offices

Streamlining Business Communication: Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems for Modern Offices

Cloud phone systems are one of the best technologies available for modern businesses. Traditional PBX systems pioneered the phone-switching features that many companies need, but they are also highly limited by wired-in networks and desk-bound telephones.

In a rapidly evolving world of remote, hybrid, and multi-location businesses, an old-fashioned PBX just isn’t sufficient to suit your telecommunication needs.

This is where cloud phones have stepped up to the plate, knocking business communication technology out of the park with a vast upgrade to traditional business phone features and flexibility only possible with cloud-based systems.

In this article, you’ll learn how integrating a business cloud phone system can streamline your communications by both improving on your current favorite features and adding new functionality—empowering your team both in the office and all over the world.

The New Features of Cloud Phones

What’s new with cloud phones that your PBX cannot do? While you may have already guessed that cloud phone systems can function as a wireless PBX for remote and multi-location communication, you might not realize how many features have been added to the traditional phone-exchange functions.

Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing

Cloud phones offer more than just ‘telephone calls.’ You can also host video conferences, screen sharing, and more.

Find Me, Follow Me

Ring any device where an employee is logged in, not just one phone handset or connected computer at a time.

Advanced Programmatic Routing

PBX gets an upgrade with advanced computing power behind phone pools, switching, and exchange technology.

Software Integration

Cloud phones can smoothly integrate with computers and software programs so you can facilitate and automate communications using your internal business technology.

AI-Backed Phone Automation

Phone menus and automation can now be connected to advanced chatbots, trained language models, and voice-to-speech programs for never-before-seen automation flexibility.

Cloud-Based PBX

Bring all your phone networks into a single unified system using the cloud.

Individual, Business, and Remote Possibilities using Cloud Phones

Not only do cloud phones offer a new suite of features and integrations. The inherent functions of cloud phones also empower your business in three distinct and essential ways.

First, cloud phones empower individuals by untethering them from their desks. Second, businesses are streamlined through location flexibility and access to new features. Third, cloud phones allow expanding your business’ remote, hybrid, and travel positions with one extremely accessible cloud phone network.

Individual Flexibility of Cloud Phones

How do cloud phones streamline individual workflows? Once, employees were tethered to their office and had to leave ‘out of office’ messages any time they stepped away from the desk – or take the risk of handing out their cell phone numbers. But with cloud phones, availability reaches a new level.

Call the Individual, Not the Office

A cloud phone number is assigned to an individual and can be accessed through any device they may be using.

This means you can ring an employee no matter where they are working or on what device, provided they are logged in. This is a vast improvement to calling an employee’s office and hoping they are in.

Find Me, Follow Me Device Flexibility

The find me, follow me feature rings any device where an employee’s cloud phone account is logged in and can even use smart features to intuit which device they are most likely to answer, given the time of day.

This means employees are more accessible on the clock, whether at their desks or tablets on the factory floor.

Ring Cellphones Without Sharing a Personal Number

Cloud phones can function as an app inside a personal cell phone. This makes it possible to call an employee’s cell phone when they are away from their desk and for employees to remain available on-call, but without giving out their number to clients and colleagues.

Any Workstation or Computer, Any Time

Many businesses do not have permanently assigned offices or desks, or employees change location based on their daily schedule. Cloud phones allow your entire staff to stay connected no matter what workstation, device, or computer they have logged into.

This can include cash registers, manufacturing stations, hot desking, assigned tablets, or any connected device that can run the cloud phone app your team members might use at a given time.

One-Number Business Cards

Then there’s the simplified business card. Gone are the days when professionals need to list three or four numbers that a client or partner can reach them at.

Organizational Benefits of Cloud Phones

What benefits does a cloud phone system bring to overall business operations? Cloud phones expand your business model, scheduling, and workflow opportunities by untethering your operations from wired phone networks.

Say Goodbye to Wired Phones and Installations

As soon as you integrate your cloud phone system, you can say goodbye to invasive phone system installations—no more running wires behind walls and ceilings.

Gone are the days of needing to wire new desks and offices when team members are added, or floorplans are rearranged. Adding a new desk or onboarding a new team member is as simple as creating a new number and user account.

One Phone System for Multiple Business Locations

You can also say goodbye to the need to patch together local PBX systems. A cloud phone system allows sharing the same phone network, service pools, and office extensions, whether you have one office location or one hundred.

Opening a new location or moving between locations, phone numbers are tied to employee logins and are always within the same unified company system.

Simple Scalability

Another convenience of cloud phones is how scalable your system can become. Adding a new employee requires only creating a new cloud phone system login with an assigned number. If your team shrinks, decommissioning a few numbers and accounts is easy.

This makes cloud phones ideal for growing and seasonally dynamic businesses expecting future changes in team size without the hassle of wired phone installations or even company cell phone allocations.

One Number for Rotating Manager Positions

Do you have managers, inspectors, doctors, or other specialists that rotate between locations? Now it is possible to reach them at the same number, no matter which office they occupy and where they are in the rotation schedule.

Easily Integrate Phone Pools and Ticket Systems

Phone pools are one of the primary functions of a traditional PBX, allowing a single number to be split out to many customer service agents, internal support techs, or department phones.

With a cloud phone system, pools are shared without regard for location. You can have remote and dispersed phone support, share phone pools over tech floors in multiple locations, manage overflow and more.

Simplified Availability Management & Work-Life Balance

Availability has become a critical issue with modern business management, being able to clearly indicate whether a professional is available to take calls or not. Automated availability can be aligned with an employee’s schedule and manual control.

This can also ensure employees are disconnected and officially unavailable during their off-hours to protect a healthy work-life balance.

Remote, Hybrid, and Travel with Cloud Phones

For a company to achieve true flexibility in today’s business landscape, you must also have access to remote workers and hybrid schedules.

Remote work allows you to hire talent anywhere in the country or worldwide. At the same time, hybrid schedules permit you to be more flexible regarding disability, mental health, and productive convenience.

The same technology that empowers both remote and hybrid work also allows you to optimize communication and availability during any necessary business travel.

Assign Remote Numbers Inside the Cloud Phone System

When a new remote employee is added to the team, they can be assigned a cloud phone number that is inside the business phone system.

Rather than relying on a personal or company-provided phone, each remote employee will simply be part of your internal communication network by logging into their cloud phone application.

One Number for All Hybrid Schedule Office Locations

Cloud systems are a vital element of streamlined hybrid scheduling. Employees can now easily collaborate at work or home using cloud-based resources, which is true of cloud phones.

Employees working at home can have the same phone number and office hours as they would when working in the office simply by logging into their cloud phone application on a personal device.

Clients, colleagues, or business partners can reach at-home team members through the same phone number and cloud channels.

One-Number Availability for Field Work and Business Travel

Lastly, cloud phones introduce the convenience and accessibility that oft-forgotten traveling professionals need to stay connected.

From laptops in hotel rooms to tablets on-site with clients, employees who travel for business benefit from having the same phone number and cloud communications platform at all times, even using their personal cell phone numbers.

Streamline Your Business Communications with a Cloud Phone System

Upgrading to a cloud phone system is an excellent way to introduce flexibility to your workforce in many ways. Upgrade your communication capabilities regarding location, device, and programmatic integration in one system upgrade.

Enjoy scalability, efficiently onboard remote employees, empower hybrid schedules, and equip business travelers with the ideal mobile communication toolkit. No matter your business’s industry or sector, a cloud phone system can upgrade your workflow and open up new opportunities. To learn more about streamlining your communication through a cloud phone system, get in touch with us today!