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Yealink basic user guide

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Yealink basic user guide

Forbtech can provide you with an effective Voice over IP solution. We believe that unified communications is a term trending globally in various industries including small to medium sized enterprises.

Unified communication is the integration of real – time communication services within an organization.

This includes VoIP, call control, conference telephony, and many others.

It goes without saying that communication within an organization is of most importance whether it being internal or external.

Internal communication is what improves the daily workflow of the organization by enabling peer to peer or top down communication to promote work collaboration.

External communication is what aids organizations in improving customer communication and service.

That is why we believe that Yealink enhances business communication throughout the organization, both internally and externally.


Yealink is a full communication solution for organizations of all sizes. By having said this, the wide range of products can satisfy diverse customer needs.

Now that we have covered an overview of the product, Forbtech would like to provide a simplistic day to day basic user guide for everyday usage of the Yealink products to assist users with the most common features used on the Yealink phones.

101 Basic User Guide:

Call Pick Ups

We all have days where the phones in the office are constantly ringing, here are some tips:

  • Calls can be picked up by dialing *4 by default.
  • If there is more than one phone ringing simultaneously one can use *04(extension number) to answer a specific extension.

Do NOT Disturb

The do NOT disturb is a feature to avoid getting calls to a specific extension, you can achieve this by pressing the relevant DND button to enable or disable this feature on the specific device.

Transferring Calls:

Step 1: When on an active call press the Transfer key (located at the bottom of the phone screen).

Step 2: Dial the extension or number you want to send the call to.

Step 3: Press the B-Transfer key to fully transfer the call.

Adjusting the Volumes:

To adjust the ring volume:

  • Press the + or – buttons when the handset is idle..

To adjust the call volume:

  • While on a call, press the + or – button to adjust the volume of the currently engaged audio devices (handset, earpiece, headset, or loudspeaker)

Conference Calls:

Step 1: While on your original call, press the More key.

Step 2: Press the Conference key (This will put your current call on hold).

Step 3: Dial the number you need to conference in.

Step 4: Press More.

Step 5: Press Conference (This will join both calls).


In conclusion leveraging technology to boost communication has become of extreme importance in all organisations in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Forbtech, is fully specialized in the Yealink products, therefore we are able to assist you in identifying your specific needs, designing a solution, supplying, and installing the system whilst continuously administrating the solution.

Forbtech would like to thank – Juan Stander (Technical Engineer), for his input and knowledge in the creation of this blog.