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Territory Management Campaign – Let us upgrade your fibre.

Territory Management Campaign – Let us upgrade your fibre.

We at Forbtech are always seeking innovative ways in assisting our customers in upgrading their existing solutions while saving capital.

We are therefore excited in the launch of this campaign, as we are assisting with the upgrade of the fibre in liquid pre-fibered buildings; because of this, our customers will be able to access fibre of better quality and speed, while ensuring that their business is fully operational and functional at a greater standard.

The objective of this campaign is to ensure that our customers can upgrade their solution at an unbeatable price.

Why should you upgrade your fibre?

We at Forbtech believe that there is a benefit of upgrading your fibre, as due to your business relying on the internet for more ongoing operations, you are continuously sending and receiving more packets of data on an ongoing basis. It is therefore imperative to make sure that you have the fastest access to all essential material as possible – before the bottlenecks are perceptible.

What makes fibre unbeatable?

With fibre, you are as future-proof as possible, as fibre is the fastest available data conduit, and the likelihood that you will experience slowdowns while using it, either now or several years from now, is at a minimum.

Furthermore, fibre Internet provides you with far faster cloud access than any other type of connection, with an upload and download speed that will, of course, be much faster thanks to fibre’s symmetric speeds, and in addition you will worry less about latency, and lower latency via fibre means that information packets are sent at a faster speed while reliably over the network.

The last point we would like to emphasise is that, using bandwidth-straining tools is far smoother when you maximize your data transfer and access the cloud with best-in-class connectivity.

It is truly difficult to visualise a business today that does not need it`s Internet service to be as reliable as possible. Thankfully, the way that fibre lines and switches work does mean that uptime is nearly constant.

Therefore, upgrading your fibre is an absolute no brainer.

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