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Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Premium for your Business

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Premium for your Business

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is an effective solution to keep employees connected and productive regardless of their physical location while simultaneously safeguarding their data and protecting them against cyber threats. Microsoft 365 Business Premium provides a cost-effective but highly efficient solution for small to medium-sized businesses. It brings together advanced security capabilities with collaboration tools to help you run your business securely from anywhere. Furthermore, Microsoft 365 Business Premium has multiple subscription levels, allowing businesses to grow and scale at their own pace. Here are the top five ways in which Microsoft 365 business premium can benefit your business.

Communicate and Collaborate Effectively

Effective team communication and collaboration are at the core of every thriving business. Microsoft 365 Business Premium enhances productivity through collaboration, allowing your team to better unleash their creative sparks during brainstorming sessions, meetings, and presentations.  You want your team to spend less time switching between apps or searching for files and more time being productive, something Microsoft Teams accomplish beautifully. Your employees can collaborate in real-time through chat and online meetings, share files, and co-author documents all in one convenient place.

Keep Your Work Data Secure from Unauthorized Access

Microsoft 365 Business Premium’s data protection features help organizations safeguard their business-critical data and ensure only authorized employees have continued access to it. The built-in advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature has been shown to thwart 99.9% of identity attacks, protecting you against lost or stolen passwords. MFA requires employees to present a second form of authentication, such as a verification code or physical token, to confirm their identity before accessing resources within their cloud tenant.

Additionally, Microsoft 365 Business Premium comes with conditional access policies that help ensure that only authorized employees have access to company data. Conditional access policies allow you to specify access restrictions based on several factors, including the time of day, device type, location, and more.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium Helps Protect You Against Phishing Attacks and Ransomware

Phishing attacks usually come as email attachments from hackers and dubious individuals. That’s why Microsoft 365 Business Premium built a real-time AI-powered malware scanning technology (Advanced Threat Protection) that automatically scans attachments and links in shared docs across email, teams, and OneDrive, neutralizing phishing attacks upon arrival.

Safeguard Your Sensitive Data

Keeping data secure should be a priority for every digitally-driven business. When dealing with sensitive data like customer payment details, you need information protection capabilities. Fortunately, Microsoft 365 Business Premium is equipped with advanced information protection capabilities that help safeguard confidential data against breaches or accidental loss by encrypting email and protecting against unauthorized access. These comprehensive data protection features include:

  • Data loss prevention (DLP) policies: The DLP policies can help your organization identify and protect business-sensitive information, including Social Security numbers, medical records, and credit card numbers. These policies need to be put in place manually by your administrator, allowing you to create and implement a data loss prevention policy tailored to your organization’s security needs.
  • Message encryption: It combines encryption and access rights capabilities to help ensure that only intended recipients can view message content. Microsoft 365 Business Premium Message Encryption works with, Yahoo!, and Gmail, and other email services.
  • Exchange online archives: This is a cloud-based archiving solution that works with Exchange Online or Microsoft Exchange to support organizations in archiving, compliance, regulatory, and eDiscovery challenges by providing advanced archiving capabilities, including holds and data redundancy. You can use retention policies to help your organization reduce the liabilities associated with email and other communications or leverage archiving to provide secure, long-term cloud storage that meets regulatory compliance requirements.

Secure Your Work Data on Personal Devices

Employees use personal phones and laptops to sometimes access work data, and if your sensitive corporate data is being stored on someone’s personal device, you’d want to make sure that device was secure, right? By investing in Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you can prevent confidential work files from being saved into unsecured personal locations.

Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that Microsoft 365 Business Premium is much more than a collection of Office apps. It’s an integrated cloud-based solution, bringing together productivity apps from Office and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, with advanced built-in security and device management capabilities to help protect your business against advanced cyber threats, safeguard your data, and manage your devices. And what’s more, it’s cost-effective and easy to use.

At Forbtech, we provide certified Microsoft 365 Business Premium support to small and medium businesses. Contact us today for more information on how Microsoft 365 Business Premium can transform your business.