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Forbtech multi-layer internet solution was designed and built in order to provide a single bandwidth plan and Static  IP solution over various last mile connection type . The challenges that most business have been faced with is to build a primary and secondary fail and mobile internet solution at Core IP level to  achieve a “Always On Approach” with automated failover connections .Multi-Layer Internet offers a single bandwidth offering over ,  Gsm , Lte , Microwave  and Five layer 2 Fibre networks that  cross connection into our national  MPLS network that is hosted within Tier 1 data centres to provide quality of service to local or hosted applications.

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Forbtech Multi Internet Microwave Solution

National Microwave Ethernet solution . Point- to –Multi point carrier grade wireless licenses spectrum 10,26 or 28Ghz designed for business with no fibre access.

  • Symmetrical Upload and Down load Layer two connection
  • National Transit Bandwidth 1-10 Mbps Uncapped
  • Network 1900 Termination Device Included
  • Trunk or Access Port Configuration
  • Supports 802.1Q functions
  • Delivered over VLAN Configuration
  • 1Gbps Backhaul included Between Data Centre
  • Reactive Service Management
  • Proactive Network Management.
  • 99% Service availability
  • 8 Hours MTTR recovery
  • Average Installation 21 workings days

Multi Internet Fibre Contended Solution

Multi Internet Fibre Contended Solution for business that needs data rate transferring with low bandwidth requirements

  • Data rate speed 4-100Mbps
  • Bandwidth Contention  Services
  • National Backhaul Cost Included
  • Symmetrical Upload & Down load
  • Support Quality of Service ( Q-in Q )
  • Supports 802.1Q and 802.2ad functions
  • Connects Via VLAN to Teraco Data Centre.
  • Reactive last mile Connection offering
  • Proactive Network Service Offering
  • 99% Availability SLA
  • 8 Hours MTTR