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KMCS is a leading Konica Minolta authorised dealer for multifunction printers

B&W A3 – MFP

Colour A4 – MFP

Colour A3 – MFP

Production B&W

Production Color

The way we work is chaning

A new paradigm in the world of work has quickly accelerated with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, across all industries around the world. The demand for flexibility, collaboration and connectivity shows no signs of slowing down as we transition towards the next normal workplace, where remote working will continue to be prevalent. We need to prepare for a safe and efficient way of bringing employees back to work, but that comes with its own challenges. As more and more companies weigh up the risks of reopening workplaces, we are likely to see a shift towards unified team structures. These structures represent a mix between employees working remotely and employees being in the office.

Black & White Multifunction Printer

Satisfy all your copy needs with these compact and versatile black-and-white (B&W) printers from Konica Minolta. The B&W printers are cost-effective, multifunctional and optimal for standalone or network operations. Get high-resolution B&W color and images with multifunction capability.

Colour Multifunction Printer

Konica Minolta has a device that will more than satisfy nearly any printing requirement in an office. Our award winning range of colour A4 and A3 capable machines, will generate beautiful prints in colour that will allow you to convey a message that only a colour print can offer. Easy to use, economical, attractive, energy efficient and usable are all terms used to describe our Colour range. Paint a masterpiece with our range of brilliant colour devices.

Production Multifunction Printer

Our Production printer range allows you to print large volumes quickly, with perfect sharp prints, in the most cost effective manner. The Konica Minolta range of production machines are tried, tested and trusted by printing professionals, designers and advertising businesses around the world. Call us to see a free demo.
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