Custom Build Internet & Connectivity Solutions for your Business

    FTTB: Business Fibre

    Business Fibre Internet solution is designed over a National MPLS cross connecting with DFA, Liquid, Telkom, Mtn and Mfn last mile access providers. With our wholesale bandwidth offering, forbtech provides dedicated, uncontended bandwidth internet access with a Static IP ranges to build a managed Internet access offering required for cloud application such as cloud Pbx ,Voice over IP and Azure Servers and application that required dedicated bandwidth and low latency.

    • Uncontended, Unshaped Bandwidth
    • Symmetrical Service offering
    • Managed application ports
    • 24/7 Proactive monitoring
    • Aggregated Bandwidth
    • Seamless Redundancy (Optional)
    • Quality of Service
    • 4 Hour MTTR

    P2P: Microwave Internet

    Wireless Internet Access is provision over last-mile microwave technology connected to Forbtech’s IP network. Forbtech has partnered with strategic microwave last mile providers that cross connects with in our core ISP network. Forbtech has Network to Network Interfaced (NNI) with all major providers offering our client an end to end solution with dedicated bandwidth .Wireless is a perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses that needs fast and reliable connectivity in areas that doesn’t have fibre infrastructure.

    • Uncontended Bandwidth
    • Symmetrical bandwidth speed
    • Dedicated Internet and Voice Plan
    • Reactive Onsite Support Offering
    • 24/7 Proactive Monitoring.
    • Aggregated Bandwidth
    • 1-5 Ms Latency
    • IP Redundancy
    • 8 Hour MTTR

    Corporate Mobile APN

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    Managed ISP

    Reduced bandwidth in Businesses has significantly graver consequences. Disruptions lead to idleness on the part of employees and customers and a corresponding loss of sales. With Forbtech’s Managed ISP Program, administrators and monitoring is delivered 24/7 with technical assistance to eliminate bandwidth hogs.

    • Access Monitoring
    • Port Monitoring
    • Proactive Support
    • Unlimited Onsite and Remote Support
    • Utilisation Executive Reporting

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